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"February 27, 2014. WOW... I sought Maureen's services on online with no recommendation from anyone other than the testimonials on her web site.  I had a strong feeling that she would be able to help me so I travelled from Australia to Bali to meet her. I was right! I went to Maureen feeling very low in energy on all levels.  A bit confused about my current life and where it was heading. Maureen uses a tool that is non invasive to do an analysis of your state of health, both physical and energetic/spiritual.  She then uses this tool to guide you through a conversation with her where she explains what is going on in your physical and energetic/spiritual body. My conversation with Maureen was nothing short of amazing.  In an hour I had a much better perspective of myself and where my life might be heading on a spiritual and energetic level and I had an analysis of how well my body was working and some very helpful hints in how to make it perform better. Maureen was able through her own life experience and her ability as a healer to help me see a new path might exist for me.  She was able to affirm some of the things I have felt but either not wanted to or didn't dare to believe could be true of me.   With Maureen I felt totally comfortable and able to communicate with her fully.  I believe  that Maureen was using all of her abilities as a healer and guide when she was with me. I feel that after my time with Maureen I am far more conscience of who I am.  Far more equipped to move forward in my life,  far more engaged with me and my place in the world.  A great result! In short I can only recommend you work with Maureen and experience her talents as a healer yourself.  If you have any discomfort in your life i feel very strongly that Maureen will be able to help you. Andrew Grinter, Blairgowrie, Victoria, Australia   

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Different people need different teachers.  Just because I helped someone else doesn't mean I'm right for you.  If you read my writings and they resonate with you then I may be who you need to work with.  The next step should be to talk - that's why I offer a FREE 30 minute phone consult.

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"I’ve had coaching in the past, but I’d never experienced such an amazing experience as when I had a reading from Maureen Gilbert. She went above and beyond the superficial stuff and got in deep with issues I was and WASN’T aware of. She took the time to test via the Biopulsar machine the different supplements to help me find my perfect match to improve my well being. After a week of taking the supplements I felt like a new person. Maureen dug in beyond health and read a variety of emotional and spiritual issues that needed addressing . She was astoundingly accurate and helped me move through “stuck” energy I had been sitting on for years – giving me the courage to move forward in my life.  She’s so good that my husband (who I had to talk into doing a reading because he doesn’t believe in “that stuff”) became a believer. A reading from Maureen puts you on the fast track spiritually, physically, emotionally." ~ Lisa Fioresi, Sacramento, CA, USA   
"My reading with Maureen was so profound and insightful. I'll be honest, I wasn't quite sure what to expect as I'm relatively new to New Age / alternative healing/diagnostic practices, but now I'm convinced of her accuracy. She said the reading might also be able to identify areas of change in the future. Again, I was somewhat of a skeptic but I kept an open mind.  She gave me a thorough reading and assessment of my current and future physical, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being. It was a very positive and insightful experience that tapped my curiosity and made me want to know more. She gave me some literature and a customized written explanation of the results - which did offer some amazing insights into what had been going on with my body. I felt she also identified some excellent insights into some things I'd been struggling with spiritually. 

After our session was over, I kept an open mind and went on with my holiday plans. A few weeks later, I went in for some routine diagnostic tests - which matched what she'd told me in so many ways. Not only am I grateful for her insights, I can't wait to schedule my next session with Maureen. It's definitely worth it. She has such a calming and kind presence about her. I'd recommend her intuitive services to anyone seeking alternative ways to gain insights and a deeper understanding of what is...and what may be. Namaste. Sincerely, Margaret Malone, Williamsburg, VA