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Intuitive Coaching for Smart Women 

on a Spiritual Path

Your Healing Journey Begins with Awareness...

We Can't Change What Doesn't Exist...

Intuitive Readings & Guidance
By reading your energy body (aura) I can assist you in discovering what needs to shift...

 The aura is a reflection of who we are; it is ever changing just as we are ever changing. The aura is part of our electromagnetic energy field and is a projection of the vibratory rates emitted by our body and by all living creatures. These vibratory rates are not only what we admit on a physical level, but also what we admit on a mental and emotional level. In essence our aura is our spiritual blueprint.

Our aura displays our thoughts and emotions on a conscious and unconscious level, showing the energies of not only our physical condition but also our psychological and spiritual condition. Every thought, emotion, talent, characteristic, way of being and spiritual development is in our aura. And each one of these is a wavelength of energy that vibrates through the neurotransmitters in our body either programming its memory cells or activating a previous program. Even previous programs we may be unaware even exist, like past life or soul contracts.

When we are not in union with our own inner truths, wisdoms, physical health and spirituality we stagnate the energies within us, thus changing the vibration of the energy around us. Therefore resonating with energies that are not in union with what we want or don't want.

Transformational Coaching
Most of us spend our lives falling in the same holes.  It may look like the outside world is causing our problems but there is always something subconscious that is how we sabotage ourselves.  The process of true and lasting change occurs when we 1. identify where we are falling in holes that don't serve us; 2. do the emotional work to release and transform the causes and then 3. make small but significant steps to make different choices.  I am about results and helping you transform - I don't want to create dependency - when you've shifted we're done!

Shamanic Breathwork
Breathwork is the path of direct experience.  I truly believe we are our own best healer.  Most of us reach a place in our self help that the only way to move forward is to get out of our head.  Breathwork has the power to allow your psyche to release what is up for transformation. Then by integrating it into your consciousness you will truly change your life.  You can often uncover in a few sessions what it could take you a year to work thru in traditional "talk therapy".  

Intuitive Reading $80

Single Coaching Session $125

4 Sessions for $425 ($75 Savings)