Are You Tired of La La Woo Woo?

Do you feel like you don't recognize your life anymore? Are you tired of "doing everything right" and not finding the results or feeling the contentment you want in your life? Are you going thru a major transition in your work or relationships and need support?  I am an Intuitive Life Coach that works with men and women to help them lead lives of passion, purpose and wholeness. My work is a unique combination of spiritually focused wisdom that is also rational, grounded and practical.

I know what you're struggling with.  You want more meaning and purpose in your life ~ you've looked for it in weekend workshops, self help books and various forms of personal growth work. You get excited because you think "this time it'll be different" but then the pink cloud goes away and you're back to your normal experience of the world.

Part of you wants to believe the magic and part of you is grounded, rational and practical.  Do we create our reality?  If so why do bad things happen to good people.  Can we all just follow our bliss?  If so who will work at the grocery check outs?  You've had great spiritual experiences but then you come home and have to deal with your partner, your kids, the bills.  Can you really integrate these experiences into the everyday?  I can help.  I've walked this path and have learned to separate the essential from "what sells well".  I don't want to tie you into a long "helping relationship" but to give you practical tools to navigate your life with grace and purpose. I tend to work best with people going thru or trying to make major life changes.  These transformations can be hard and scary without a wise guide to help you navigate the territory.

Maureen Gilbert, MA,

Life Coach, BioEnergetic Analyst & Ordained Minister

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"I've asked Maureen to consult on my personal holistic well-being numerous times and I will continue to use her skill for seeing clearly and offering unfiltered advice (even the stuff you don't want to hear) as I create and follow my path. As a CEO I find her advice invaluable in blending my spiritual and business life; making difficult decisions and handling challenges much easier using tools I've learned from Maureen. I highly recommend trying a session with her." B. Sheardown, Vancouver, B.C.

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